Apple doubles down on photography with new Shot on iPhone campaign

Apple knows that a conflict for people’s pockets is going to be fought in partial in the photography space. With iOS 10, a association is creation it even easier to get to a camera in a hurry, but in an bid to remind people that they’re already carrying a good camera around with them, Apple is rising a new turn of a renouned Shot on iPhone promotion campaign.

How mostly do we lift a camera with you? Chances are that a answer is “never” (i.e. we don’t have an SLR camera in your laptop bag), and “always” (i.e. you’re never some-more than an arm’s length divided from your phone). In jubilee of this, Apple only kicked off another beautiful set of photos in a Shot on iPhone campaign.


  1. Bangalore, India

  2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  3. Seoul, Korea

  4. Shanghai, China

  5. Sydney, Australia 2

  6. Sydney, Australia

The new featured images are focusing on a bright, colourful colors you’ll find in a universe around you, and a debate is focusing on highlighting photography internal to where a billboards are going up.

The debate — dubbed Colors by a Apple artistic group — can be found in what has got to be one of a broadest-reaching art exhibits in a world, splashed opposite billboards in a U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, UAE, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Korea, China, Malaysia, New Zealand and Thailand.